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Luxury Retirement Communities Simi Valley

Of course, you want your relative, spouse, friend, and even yourself to enjoy senior living comfortably. With Varenita, everything is possible! Our luxury retirement communities in Simi Valley come with all the vanities you could imagine in a quintessential home. How about a tour?

Style your luxury apartment

Have you ever seen a luxury retirement home that uniquely fits your personality? Our designs are just for you! Yes, we let you decide how you accentuate your abode. Although our arranged luxury apartments boost elegant furnishings, modern amenities, and contemporary architecture, your touch makes it complete.

We offer five apartment layouts: our single bedroom BellaVita or BellaVista arrangement, BellaCasa two-bedroom units, and our spacious studio-style BellaPosto setup. Specially made for our memory-impaired residents, our BellaCalla studio suites are intelligent and extend a unique, heuristic experience.

Fitness for retirees

Staying fit and healthy is something we encourage in our communities. Although what you decide to do is ultimately your choice, we provide equipment and offer programs to motivate you. We configure our equipment and appliances to match various experience levels, whether you are a devout fitness champion, intermediary, or a beginner.

Fitness programs we offer:

  • Zumba
  • Yoga
  • Tai Chi
  • Aerobics

Luxury dining for retirees

Retirees here will enjoy healthy, nutritious cuisines courtesy of our chef-inspired meal plans. We support our local farmers who supply fresh, organic produce for our highly skilled chefs to prepare. Our Monarch Dining Room menus flow with the season. It’s the perfect setting to dine out when your friends and families visit.

For convenience items and snacks, you can stroll over to Golden Oaks Bistro and Bar within the same vicinity. At our luxury retirement communities in Simi Valley, we offer coffee, drinks, beverages, sandwiches, and so forth. Have a club/group meeting, family dinner, time out with friends, or social event? You’ll love Manzanita! Don’t forget, Mariposa Bar has some heavenly appetizers you’ll love.

Luxury apartment options

Do you prefer an apartment that limits your commute? We have apartments that are close to some activity centers, which minimizes your leg work to and from planned events. We can also arrange a beautiful apartment overlooking the courtyard or plaza for you.

Let us know if you prefer an apartment on the first or second floor. Also, specify the level of care you require, whether you need memory services or an assisted-living setup. Your choice of a studio, two-bedroom, or single unit may be a determining factor as well. After making your selections, send us a request form, and we’ll use these criteria to map our apartment recommendations.

Helping you achieve your lifestyle goals, Varenita is all about enrichment. Retirees love our luxury retirement communities in Simi Valley because it takes the stress out of living. With all the conveniences you enjoy, our accommodations and services are reasonable. What’s more, we provide maximum security and a safe, clean, stable environment to enjoy your golden years. Can’t find our request form, don’t worry, call us at (805) 327-1100. We’re eagerly awaiting your call. Remember to join our Facebook family.

Luxury Retirement Communities Simi Valley

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