barbara a. Avatar

Love working at the suites. Been there for 3 years. Love my residents and have so much fun working with the employee there. I want to say thanks to the management team. You all make it so pleasant to work there.

barbara a. 5/25/2019
Daniel A. Avatar

I love working here. The facility is always clean, the staff are all very hard working and friendly. I would strongly recommend bringing loved ones here for great care. The staff will not disappoint you.

Daniel A. 5/25/2019
Henry M Avatar

Named best rehab and long term place in nm this is the nicest place ever and the best staff in the world

Henry M 5/11/2019
Richanne C. Avatar

I am very glad to be a member of the team at SRV. They have made me feel welcome and I love how attentive they are to the residents!

Richanne C. 5/25/2019
Alice J. Avatar

For me I am very grateful to the staff the therapist at the sweets and Rio Vista I had a great experience there the staff was very professional the therapist attentive to my therapy needs I never had an issue or a problem with none of the nurses they were all very professional very understanding very caring they took care of me very very well I'm very appreciative for all they did I just want to thank everyone there at the staff at Rio Vista I would recommend it to my family and to my friends as well thank you

Alice J. 11/25/2018
Anila D. Avatar

One of the best Facilities ever. Great customer service, call lights answered promptly, staff all looks happy. Positive vibes, homelike environment. Go see for yourself! You won't be let down.

Anila D. 7/18/2019
Christopher B. Avatar

This place has really turned around. My grandmother has been a long term patient there for almost 2 years now, and before the current company took over she received terrible care. However, in just a few months we've noticed a significant difference. The place is cleaner, and the staff more eager to assist. We can now all sleep better at night knowing that she is receiving the best possible care.

Christopher B. 10/25/2018
Victoria V. Avatar

Great place to work! Being around the residents is rewarding and the management team works closely together to make sure that things get done. Wouldn't want to be employed anywhere else. I love our residents!

Victoria V. 10/25/2018
Joe B. Avatar

Great care, great rehab ,clean new facility and great food!

Joe B. 5/25/2019
Anita M. Avatar

We have my Dad here. Everyone has been so helpful. My Dad likes the food, which is a plus. He seems to be very well taken care of. I feel comfortable that my Dad is here. Michelle, one of the nurses, is great . They are constantly cleaning, which is good.

Anita M. 4/25/2019